Delivering Meaningful Relationship and Sex Education Within the PSHE Curriculum

Posted by Marc Baggott (Straight Talking Peer Education) on 21.10.20 in Guest Blogs

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PSHE is important for preparing students mentally and socially for the world outside of school. A rounded coverage in RSE topics equips students with knowledge and awareness to make better life decisions. Straight Talking Peer Education offers workshops for secondary school students that help to reinforce learning within the PSHE curriculum.


Why Mindfulness Should Be Part of PSHE Education

Posted by Lisa-Marie on 10.09.20 in Guest Blogs

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The importance of PSHE and specifically introducing mindfulness as part of a PSHE curriculum in schools


What can a peace crane teach students about Citizenship?

Posted by CND Peace Education on 24.07.20 in Guest Blogs

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It’s been 75 years since the bombings of Hiroshima (6th August) and Nagasaki (9th August). Why not make your own peace crane to mark the occasion and honour those affected? We’d love to see your creations – tweet us @CNDPeaceEd!


Social & Emotional Learning – Respect

Posted by Think For The Future on 07.07.20 in Guest Blogs, Resources

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Respect is an important part of any Social & Emotional Learning curriculum, especially when attempting to positively impact pupil behaviour.


PSHE Education – Could your period pain be linked to your tight hamstring muscles?

Posted by Sian Randall on 09.05.20 in Guest Blogs

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Part two of a three-part series on menstrual re-education, understanding how your period pain could be linked to your tight hamstring muscles


PSHE Education – Have you ever thought of menstrual charting?

Posted by Sian Randall on 28.03.20 in Guest Blogs

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Part one of a three-part series on menstrual re-education, understanding your cyclic nature and menstruation with the help of menstrual cycle charting and, how to access your best life and best you! Happy charting!


Statutory R(S)HE within PSHE?

Posted by John Rees on 16.03.20 in Guest Blogs

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From September 2020, Relationships and Health Education become statutory in primary schools and secondary schools so now is the time for schools to be reviewing policy and parental engagement and be working out what, when and how are they going to teach.


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