Fair Trade Fortnight Activity Pack

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Fair Trade Fortnight Activity Pack

This resource could be used in English / Literacy / PSHE / Humanities or form tutor sessions to celebrate this event.

8 PAGE pack of classroom-ready activities that will educate and engage students.

This booklet has been created by a dedicated team of teachers.
This Activity Booklet (Editable and PDF Version attached) Contains:

* Learning Objectives & Contents
* Theme of Fairtrade images
* Design templates for a new supermarket Fairtrade Delivery Van
* Construct and Build a 3D Version of a Fairtrade Delivery Van
* Fairtrade Topical Debate ideas
* Principles of Fairtrade Continuum Activity
* Start a Fairtrade Campaign

Fantastic resource to support quick and easy planning!

E.G Both Key stages complete the Quiz
+ KS3 Work on Campaigns to encourage the purchase of fairtrade items – Set up a fairtrade stall and then present their marketing campaign to the class / in the hall.

+KS4 Designing and exploring the theme of Fairtrade and Constructing a 3D Fair Trade Van (Blow it up to A3 or even A2 if larger groups. Then explore the principles of Fair Trade and debate the importance of Fair Trade Topics

+Chocolate tasting Fairtrade Vs Cadburys and Galaxy…


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