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GCSE Citizenship Resources OCR



OCR GCSE CITIZENSHIP USB SCHOOL PACKAGE – DELIVERED in 5-7 Working days from purchase date. (We do also accept school purchase Orders) (If you would like to request a 25-page brochure about this product just send us an email at

Payment can be made directly through the Website and orders will be delivered 5th June.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes we do. Payments for purchase orders can be accepted via BACS, Cheque or Paypal. Please download the information you need to complete a purchase order here and email if you need any more details.

WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE? 13 OCR ASSESSMENTS (Each assessment comes with Exam Paper + SEN Adapted Exam Paper + Source Booklet + Student feedback Sheets + Analysis of Marks Lost) [1.1] Rights and Responsibilities [1.2] The Law [1.3] The Legal system [2.4] Democracy, elections and voting in the UK [2.5] National, local, regional and devolved governments [2.6] The British Constitution [2.7] The Economy, Finance and Money [2.8] The Role of the Media and Free Press [2.9] Citizenship Participation in the UK [2.10] Politics Beyond the UK [3.11] Identities and diversity in UK society [3.12] The UK and its relations with the wider world Extra – OCR Mock Paper Multiple Choice Paper Extra – OCR Exam paper – Crime, Sentencing, Punishment and Prisons 90+ Student Work Booklets with over 1000 Worksheets Section 1: Rights, the law and the legal system in England and Wales –  31 Student Work Booklets ✰ Section 2: Democracy and Government  – 44 Student Work Booklets full of Printable activity sheets ✰ Section 3: UK and the Wider World – 21 Student Work Booklets full of Printable activity sheets ✰ Section 4: Citizenship Action -OCR Campaign Planning Portfolio -OCR Citizenship Reflection Document -20 Campaigning  and Citizenship Action Revision Cards -5 Campaigning ‘how to do it sheets’ -Internet Research Sheet -GCSE Citizenship Action Plan PPT REVISION SUPPORT ✰ 60 x Grade 1- 5 (1-2-3) Revision and Intervention Sheets ✰ 60 x Grade 6- 9 (3-2-1) Revision and Intervention Sheets – /8 ✰ OCR GCSE CITIZENSHIP PLC REVISION TRACKER ✰ 2 x GCSE Citizenship Revision Quiz with Student Answer Sheets ✰1 x British Values Quiz with Student Answer Sheets ✰ 1 GCSE Citizenship Revision Escape Room ✰ 1 x General election 2019 Escape Room ✰ 1 x Brexit Revision Quiz with Student Answer Sheets ✰ 1 x Politics Revision Quiz with Student Answer Sheets LESSON POWERPOINTS 125 Lessons covering 200+ Hours worth of GCSE Citizenship content to support certain parts of the GCSE Delivery [Identity, Politics, International Relations, Politics, Constitution, Human Rights, Democracy] Email this form back to us at and we will fulfil your request within 5-7 Working Days. OCR REVISION GUIDESSection 1: Rights & legal system – 33 pagesSection 2: Democracy and Government  – 55 Pages ✰ Section 3: UK and the Wider World – 24 Pages ✰ OCR Full guide – 110 Page Full Revision Guide ONLINE DIGITAL LEARNING ✰ Links to 40 Different Quizlets ✰ Links to 40 Different Kahoots ✰ Personal Share codes to 15 Different Socrative Quizzes ✰ Access to YouTube Channel with Selected playlists for every element of the GCSE Citizenship Course OVER 330 OCR REVISION TOPIC CARDS COVERING ALL ASPECTS OF THE GCSE  ✰  11 x Settling Starter Activities ✰  1 x Citizenship Christmas Quiz ✰  1 x Christmas Advent Calendar ✰ 3 Homework Projects ✰ 14 Other Bonus Extra Resources ✰ Setting up and Holding an Election Pack ✰ General election 2019 Full set of Resources (Lessons, Quiz, Escape Room, Key terms and Activity Pack) This product will only be allowed to be used by yourself and teachers within your school and under no circumstances should be shared/ copied to others and should not be uploaded to any public shared drives or Facebook Groups. Cre8tive Resources can only continue to exist and support GCSE Citizenship teachers through people purchasing items.  

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