HM Treasury and Managing the Economy Activities Lesson




2018 National Parliament Week: HM Treasury and managing the economy.

A range of engaging educational activities students can do to celebrate Parliament week. This resource could be used in Citizenship / PSHE / Humanities or form tutor sessions

Lesson Powerpoint to accompany the 8-page Booklet that will stimulate discussions and debates

There are enough activities to give each year group 7-11 a different task/ activity to complete. This resource could help to promote National Parliament Week across your school with a range of exciting activities.

Lesson Includes:
Learning Objectives
Key terms
Starter Activity
Structured Debating Slides
Challenge Questions
Plenary Slide

This Booklet Contains:

o Managing the Budget activity
o Spending commitments activity
o Starting a campaign activity
o Become a news reporter (Pressure Groups)
o Spending priorities activity

This resource will engage, educate and motivate your students for National Parliament Week – fantastic for quick and easy planning!


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